Hello world ! (bis)

Auventleger has now a new skin for its new zine: Deçà, delà, au vent léger …

Different skin, same soul, (same delays), this zine is a collection of mostly black and white photographs taken on the go, published as a monthly periodic. The three first issues can be purchased as A5 format booklets.


My sincere apologies to Norwegians. The shipping fee is higher for them. It is out of my control. A solution could be to move to another country. However, nice warm weather may be perceived as unbearable.

The PhotoOfTheDayNotEveryDay is still available and needs a serious update - the last photograph is almost a year old. The other galleries will be slowly reintegrated.

Stay tuned for furthur updates. Thank you all for stopping by this place or its FB page.

Thanks to the super patient supporters of Auventleger. Wonder women and Supermen are not (only) made of iron and divine powers. They are (also) made of patience, encouragments, trust, belief, etc ...

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